ESR Connect are joint sponsors of the 2022 NHS Payroll Conference in Kendal

It’s that time of year again when NHS Payroll Professionals from the length and breadth of the country descend on the Castle Green Hotel in Kendal for a much needed get together to discuss strategy, find out what ESR are up to, and get some free ESR Connect pens!

As ever, the conference has been seamlessly organised by the team and there’s a definite hint of spring in the air with snow-capped Lakeland mountains visible in the distance, daffodils in full swing and new lambs playing in the fields nearby.

The conference is always very well attended, this year particularly so and I am delighted to be joined by our fantastic team members, Mark Johnson (Senior Payroll Specialist) and Mark Anderson (Senior Systems Architect). In case you don’t know, Mr. Johnson was an NHS Payroll Manager himself for 40 years and has received more than a few comments about his recent move to ‘the dark side’ with ESR Connect!

Meanwhile, Mr. Anderson is enjoying meeting our clients and getting to grips with their business needs whilst spending every spare moment coding his socks off preparing for the release of ESR Connect Version 7, due later in the year with much new functionality and a brand new user interface. Exciting times!

Assembling our new team represents the dawn of a new era for ESR Connect and we are extremely grateful to all our users old and new for their continued support. I am deeply impressed by the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience we can call upon within the business and we are all eager and excited to continue our work together. There’s lots in the pipeline including the new ESR Connect User Group and greatly improved pensions reporting among other things, and there will be further articles and updates over the coming weeks and months so watch this space for more details.

We would like to thank the conference organisers, the other sponsors and of course all the delegates from around the country for making this event not only possible but so worthwhile and enjoyable.

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