At Blackpool we use ESR-Connect software – Timesheet module for collecting Time and Attendance data, and the diagnostics software for reproducing reports directly from ESR.

The E-Timesheet module is a very simple and cost effective solution for us in areas where we have not deployed a Rostering solution, one of the key benefits is that is it excel based and therefore very familiar to everybody that uses it. We use this module for both weekly and monthly paid staff, sending out the new timesheets just before the reporting period starts and receiving them back in Payroll just after the reporting period ends, the functionality links to Outlook and so emails automatically and the returned timesheets create a file which is sent to ESR for payment, the efficient use of everyday technology has proved to be a real ‘time saver’.

The diagnostic tools that we use recreate the basic reports out of ESR into a more user friendly version that we use for many different purposes. Several actions now form part of our normal Payroll processing routines, for exception checking, past period comparisons and message highlighting, this has proved to be very worth while as several significant issues have been highlighted and stopped at source prior to hitting the Payroll.”